Bongiovi DPS



A Profile is used to conform the DPS algorithm to a specific device or application.  Therefore, choosing the right profile is very important for getting the best listening experience!  Please follow these steps in order to select a DPS profile for your device:

  1. Select your OUTPUT TYPE – Choose Built-In speakers (laptop, TV etc), External Speakers (desktop, soundbar, portable speakers etc) or Headphones.
  2. Select a MAKE – Choose the manufacturer of your device.  You will also find Bongiovi Universal City Profiles that are compatible with any device here.
  3. Select a MODEL – Choose the model closest to your device.  Hover your mouse over a model to display information about that profile:
  4. Click APPLY – This will install the profile into the appropriate category in the SETTINGS menu.  The selected profile will become active so you hear its effect right away.