Bongiovi DPS


Audio Controls


  1. DPS Processing – Click the B logo or the on/off buttons to enable or disable audio processing.
  2. Output Selection – Choose the type of device you are listening to. Built-In speakers include laptop speakers or speakers built into a TV. External speakers include desktop speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers or a home theater system. Headphones include earbuds and headsets.
  3. Content Selection – The DPS processor has two different settings because the audio signals for Music and Movies are very different. Choose the appropriate listening mode to get the best possible listening experience.
    Hint: Games with a lot of dialog and cinematic soundtracks benefit greatly from Movie mode. Arcade games benefit from Music mode.
  4. DPS HEAR – This feature lowers volume to a safer listening level for headphones while maintaining audio clarity. Click here to learn more.
    1. NOTE:  This feature has been removed for version 2.2.
  5. Bass and Treble – When it comes to tone, everyone has a slightly different preference. These easy-to-use bass and treble controls allow you to create the tone that is perfect for you.
    • Click and drag the circle up or down to increase or decrease the effect.
    • Click and drag the circle left and right to change the Bass and Treble frequency for even more customization.
    • Click the RESET button to return to the original sound.
  6. V3D Controls – This feature allows you to customize your virtual surround sound listening experience.  Click and drag the circles in the Stereo Field Control box to increase or decrease the surround effect.  Click the Stereo Controls switch to turn the effect on or off.
    • For Built-In and External Speaker modes this creates the effect of a wider, more expansive sound stage without affecting important sounds like drums or voice.
    • For Headphones mode this creates a wider, more immersive 3D effect for movies and games when the circles are moved to the outside edges.  When the circles are moved to the center, the stereo image is slightly mono, so sounds on only one side (like older recordings where drums are in your left ear and vocals in the right) are more comfortable to listen to with headphones.
    • Click RESET to return to the stereo effect originally programmed into the profile you have selected.
  7. Sound Frequency Visualizer – This displays the loudness of the audible frequencies.   Lower frequencies are represented on the left, higher on the right.