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Welcome to Support

Bongiovi DPS 2.2 is now available!  If you are using 2.1, please download and install 2.2 here.

Experiencing issues?  Visit our Twitter for up-to-the-minute status updates.


BongioviDPS (Digital Power Station) is a groundbreaking software technology that transforms your listening experience.

These pages are dedicated to helping you get the most out of DPS. At any time, please feel free to Contact Us.  Mobile Users, Please tap menu icon to access the full support menu.

Current version information:


The current version for Windows is

New for this version – Virtual 3D Surround Sound for Headphones (V3D) – This technology is now being released in state of the art gaming headphones.

We have switched to subscription-based licensing (new customers only).

Even more DPS Sound Profiles for a wide range of devices and uses including various gaming modes.
Updated User Interface with improved control.
More cool skins to choose from.

The current version for Mac is

This version provides support for OSX Mojave.  Earlier versions will not work in Mojave due to Apple’s new security requirements.

NOTE: Due to the new requirements, will require new Keychain access after upgrading.  If you do not plan on upgrading to Mojave anytime soon, you may continue to use

Download here.

Visit this forum topic for more details.