Bongiovi DPS
on June 5, 2017

Digital Power Station audio software unleashes untapped audio quality from laptops, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds and much more.

The engineers at Bongiovi Acoustics are studio musicians and sound designers at heart. We’ve created a product that dramatically improves the enjoyment of audio for our users, and that usually means listening to music through headphones or, the built in speakers of a laptop, or through a pair of desktop speakers in a home office environment. However, we realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg for how DPS is used.

Do you use the DPS software in a strange or unique way? We’d like to hear about it!

 Are you a DJ looking to get more bang out of your P.A. system? Odds are there’s a perfect sound profile for you!

Are you a diver in Baja Mexico translating the Humpback whale-song? Well, there’s actually no sound profile for that… YET!


How do you use Digital Power Station?

Comment on this blog with your use case.

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