Bongiovi DPS

Optimize and Enhance Your Listening Experience

on May 3, 2017

Bongiovi DPS version 2.1 is the ultimate audio solution to instantly upgrade the performance of your favorite pair of headphones, laptop, or desktop speaker system. The DPS audio optimization software corrects common audio deficiencies and greatly improves sound quality. The software comes loaded with custom sound profiles that are hand-crafted by our highly skilled team of audio engineers. These profiles can resolve compression issues with streaming services and digital formats like the MP3. Which is still the most widely used music format.  

DPS automatically provides a wide array of audio enhancements to optimize and enhance your listening experience. Let’s go over a few of the new features in Bongiovi DPS Version 2.1.


  • System-wide DPS Audio Processing
      • Enjoy great sound for Movies, Music, Podcasts, and more.


  • Frequency Visualizer
      • Watch the sound come alive within our new User Interface.


  • Stereo Enhancement Controls
      • Move the sound sphere graphics away from each other to make a more immersive audio listening experience.


  • Bass and Treble Controls
      • Go ahead and adjust the bass and treble across a spectrum of frequencies to make that cowbell ring.


  • 100’s of Brand Name Devices and Default Sound Profiles
      • Note: Most Default profiles are distinguished by a city name or specific functions with the TOOLS label. Example: New York, New Orleans, TOOLS Bass Boost, Etc.


  • Change the Software Skin
      • Set the Skin in the settings area depending on your mood. Feeling Chilly? Then Winter Worlds is your jam.


      Control Bongiovi DPS version 2.1 like never before!

      We’ve improved the User Interface to let you tweak even further!  The Stereo Image controls create a wide, full-bodied sound for your headphones and other devices.  Feel the roar of a larger sound-stage right at your desk.  Experience the impact of Bongiovi DPS for your WIndows or Mac system now.  Start your trial today.

      If you’re interested in information for how DPS can be implemented into your existing audio product or service, please contact us here.


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4 responses to “Optimize and Enhance Your Listening Experience”

  1. javed_naser says:

    The performance of the Bongiovi DPS version 2.1 is stable clutter free and a overall good. How ever I would like to point out that the upgrade has taken out that boost that audible HiFi difference. This in no way means I would not tell my friends to go get it. This is the best digital plugin available period.
    Than you.

    • jbeaty says:

      javed_naser, thank you for the kind words. We’re so glad you enjoy Bongiovi DPS v2.1. I will email you personally to talk more about this boost difference. Thanks!

  2. mikail_hairy says:

    This software is unlike no other. It is perfect for me. I wont hesitate to recommend Bongiovi DPS to my colleagues!!

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