Bongiovi DPS
on August 26, 2018

Bongiovi DPS Audio Optimization Software version 2.2 is here! 

DPS 2.2 Features include:
Virtual 3D Surround Sound for Headphones (V3D) – This technology is now being released in state of the art gaming headphones.
Even more DPS Sound Profiles for a wide range of devices and uses including various gaming modes.
Updated User Interface with improved control.
More cool skins to choose from.

New Subscription Model

To facilitate continued premium service and support, we have implemented a subscription-based payment system for all new sales after the release of Bongiovi DPS 2.2.

If you are a current customer, you do not have to do anything! You will simply get the update with all of the new features and will remain activated as usual. If you own a Software Key then please continue to activate DPS on other computers using this information. You will not be required to join the subscription system. Click here for Legacy Activation Details

About Bongiovi DPS
The Bongiovi DPS Audio Optimization Software has grown from a simple iTunes plugin, into a full-featured system-wide Audio enhancement Solution for your audio devices. As this product has evolved, so has the demand for Bongiovi DPS audio optimization solutions for audio products. The Asus Strix Fusion 500/700 gaming headset and the Sades Knight Pro gaming headset are exciting new DPS enabled gaming products that have just hit the market.

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  1. xaqmusic says:

    UPDATE: We will be launching the subscription system in the next few weeks.

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