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Maxim Hometown Hottie Finalist Jaquie Ohh

on May 2, 2013

For those of you that have been around a while, Maxim Hometown Hottie Finalist Jaquie Ohh (Otherwise known as; Jaquline Fischer from Boca Raton, Florida) will look familiar to you. Jaquie Ohh was our resident Bongiovi DPS girl in many Bongiovi DPS videos. We are so happy to see Jaquie Ohh doing well. As you can see, she has been featured in Maxim and has been gaining a huge fan-base on Facebook and other social networks. I highly recommend liking her Facebook page here. She is constantly updating her page with photos, videos and news about her budding modeling career.

Jacquie Ohh is a pleasure to work with. When we needed her she was there. Jaquie represented Bongiovi Acoustics at special events like the Moves Magazine Super Bowl Party and was there to be one of the first to check out the first DPS Plugin for iTunes version.

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Jaquie Ohh also represented Bongiovi Acoustics at the 2009 Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here that we first unveiled our sought after JVC KD-s100 radio in of all cars, the DeLorean. You know. 21.1 jigawatts! The car from Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox.

It is clear that Maxim Hometown Hottie Finalist Jaquie Ohh is very beautiful, sexy, etc. What is also clear is her ability to adapt and work in any sort of environment. From spokeswoman for products to College grad with her degree in Economics…Jaquie Ohh is set for a very successful future. We wish her continued success no matter what she is working on. We hope to someday work with Jaquie Ohh again. Until then, make sure you follow her online.

Article by: Joseph Beaty

Joseph Beaty Tie
DPS Insider

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