Bongiovi DPS
on May 8, 2013

Making your speakers Munny? What does that mean? Well, Bongiovi Acoustics’ very own, Rob “Zilla” Summers has created speakers out of some very interesting looking Munny dolls. These little guys look cool on your desk for sure. Rob did a great job decorating them too! We used the DPS technology to make a custom profile for the Munny Speakers to make them sound amazing! The DPS Profile we created is available inside of the DPS Plugin now! We have made posts showcasing how the build went. While we are so happy with the build and look, the sound is just amazing! This profile sounds pretty nice on other speakers too! Rob had a great time building the Munny Speakers. So, If you want to build your own and try the DPS Profile named, Zilla’s Munny Speaker”…definitely let us know what you think. Zilla’s Munny Profile is available in the speakers section of the enhanced profile broswer for the DPS Plugin for Mac and Windows. You can download the Munny profile and other DPS Profiles for the Bongiovi DPS iOS app here.

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