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on April 29, 2013

Many people use Bluetooth speakers with the Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer Product Line. We are finding that some of the older devices are having issues these days. However, we have found a few that we would like to recommend for use with the Bongiovi DPS audio enhancer product line.

BluNote + Chat Wireless Speaker (WS-4012)

We absolutely love this little guy. We have some DPS profiles available for the Spracht BluNote + Chat (ws-4012) in the Bongiovi DPS iOS app. All I can say is wow! I use this device when I am working in another space and need a little bang for my sound without bringing the house down. The Bongiovi DPS profile gives me the clarity and response I need. I recommend this for use with DPS. (We also have a profile for the Spracht Aura BluNote (below) if you fancy this device.) The DPS profiles for the Spracht devices are free inside of the Bongiovi DPS iOS app!

Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker

The Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker is another great product line that we have made custom DPS profiles for. They sound amazing with DPS on! There are two DPS Profile choices. One for the The Jawbone Jambox and also for the Jawbone BIG Jambox. They both sound great on any Jambox. Highly recommend this device for DPS and on the go situations.

We hope this helps you make a decision on a new set of Bluetooth Speakers to use with the Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer for iOS, Mac or PC. Do you have a new device that you think we should make profiles for? Make a suggestion in our DPS Insider forum.

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2 responses to “Bluetooth Speakers”

  1. Scott says:

    I use an iHome id-11 speaker which really works well with the DPS plug-in. Connect via bluetooth with my iPhone for those times that I am away from my desk and the bose companion 3 that is a very good sounding system. I also use bluetooth headphones, from Motorola, have a few different pairs of those. Any chance you could provide profiles for any of these speakers?

    Thank you

    • Joseph Beaty says:


      Glad you like the DPS PLug-in with your iHome id-11 speaker setup. Please comment with the models of the Motorola headphones. We have to maintain those devices in one way or another. Either from the manufacturer or by other means. However, if we obtain your devices, we will certainly make a DPS profile for them. I also recommend trying the various default “Cities” profiles with your Motorola headphones. More often than not, I find myself completely happy with those profile and a little tweaking with the DPS Equalizer. Thanks for your comment Scott. I will look for a reply.

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