Bongiovi DPS
on April 17, 2013

The playlist above “Bongiovi Recording Work” features and focuses on just some of the amazing songs that make up Tony Bongiovi’s amazing career as a producer and engineer in the recording industry. Everything from Bon Jovi, Ramones, Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne to Gloria Gaynor, Meco Star Wars and the X files theme all rolled into one very diverse playlist. This is just a snapshot of the things Tony Bongiovi has worked on over the years. All of this leading to where we are now with Bongiovi Acoustics and it’s amazing DPS technology. DPS stands for Digital Power Station. Named after Tony’s Famed New York city studio, Power Station (now , Avatar) shown here. (Image source:

Power Station Studio Florida is operating today in Pompano Beach, Florida by Bongiovi Acoustics team member, Rob Roy. Power Station Florida was designed and built under the same acoustical specifications as the legendary Power Station in New York City. Maybe a new smash hit artist will emerge from this facility? Recently, Power Station Florida has recorded with National and award winning artist including Dan Spitz of Anthrax, Sasha Grey and other famous acts. Here is a picture of Sasha Grey shooting a TV Pilot in Power Station Studios Florida.

Tony’s legendary Powerstation Studio and illustrious recording and audio career continues with new life in Bongiovi Acoustics and Power Station Florida. So when you spark up the playlist of Tony Bongiovi’s recording work above, Make sure you turn on the DPS Plugin to enhance the audio of these famous recordings. Learn more about the DPS Plugin and DPS Technology in the video below. Enjoy the tunes!

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