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DPS Music Feature- Arcade Fire

on August 5, 2010

So far in the DPS Music Feature I have posted musicians from within our realm of things.  Locals and people we have recorded.  However the new Arcade Fire record titled, “The Suburbs” is a fantastic record.  A tune for every mood.  The title track kicks off the record and really sets the tone with a melodic sound-scape of pianos and amazing backing vocals over a swing beat.  The album wastes no time picking up momentum and the second track, “Ready to Start” is a fuzzy tune laden with droning washed out keyboard parts.  This tune is a stand out for me.  I could sum up each track here and go on about how great this record is all day long.  This is one of the best albums I have heard so far this year.  I think there is something for everyone here.  You will enjoy this record if you are a fan of Indie, Rock, Punk or Electronic music.  Check out the Arcade Fire official site.

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