Bongiovi DPS
on August 9, 2010

What will we do when the physical album release is nothing but a whisper in our distant memories?  I am a big fan of downloading music.  Seeing what is new.  If something is fantastic, I buy it.  I consider the free download a more convenient  listening station.  Bands give away songs now and I take full advantage.  Even still, I buy the record if it is an exceptional work of art.  We cannot forget the art that is releasing a bulk of work.  The art of an album, EP or single.  Musicians that care about not only their fans but their craft will outlast the sea of newbies releasing their records into the “digital only” oblivion.  Music collectors demand something heartfelt and of value.  SOmething we can feel from the sound and touch with our hands.  The very extension of our emotion.  Keep making music.  Digital and physical copies please.

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