Bongiovi DPS
on August 1, 2010

I have been reading a few blogs online that are all talking about Google launching a music division.  Something that will rival the iTunes cloud service I had mentioned a few posts ago.  I use Google products everyday.  The Search Engine, Gmail and Blogger just to name a few.  A slew of web tools.  I guess it makes complete sense that they would try their hand in the music business.  iTunes owns roughly about 30% of the market share.  I am sure Amazon and Wal-Mart own a pretty large amount as well.  My homepage in Firefox or Google chrome is always set to Google dot com.  How convenient would it be to just log into my email and have a module I can download with right inside my Google account.  Plus the music has all the streaming capabilities the supposed iTunes cloud service is going to feature.  I would be sold.  Especially if it were free or half the price of the iTunes model.  Time will tell huh?

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