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Bongiovi DPS Upgrade for Jet Audio iOS App

on March 16, 2015


The Bongiovi DPS Upgrade for Jet Audio iOS App is now available. Very similar upgrade process to their Android App with Bongiovi DPS Audio Optimization. Let’s take a quick look shall we?

1. Get the app from the app store here.


2. Load the app and tap the menu icon found at the top left.


3. Tap “Purchases” found at the bottom of the list.


3. Tap Bongiovi DPS from the list.


4. Click “Purchase” and go through the in-app upgrade process.

to-itunes  confirm-purchase

5. After completing the purchase process, play some music and tap the second icon from the left to access Bongiovi DPS.


6. Click the Bongiovi “B” logo to optimize your audio.  Note:  If the Bongiovi “B” icon is white then your audio is being enhanced!


Enjoy the sound!

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5 responses to “Bongiovi DPS Upgrade for Jet Audio iOS App”

  1. jimboden says:

    Just saw this thread and am wondering what the benefit is to incorporate DPS into Jetaudio. I just bought the DPS add-on, but don’t notice any difference between Jetaudio with DPS and using DPS by itself. I also noticed there doesn’t seem to be a speaker option for specific iPhone models like regular DPS does. It doesn’t matter to me, because I never listen to the internal speaker anyway, but thought I would point it out. I may be missing something, of course.

  2. jimboden says:

    I got the email to confirm follow, but clicking on it does nothing.

    This probably has nothing to do with Bongiovi, but I’ve noticed a couple of things about Jetaudio and wonder if you can help answer. I tried their web site, but couldn’t find anything there. First, there is no volume slider when playing music, nor is there an Airplay icon. That seems strange to me, so I checked its settings, but didn’t see anything. Second, DPS only has a subset of its normal iOS app settings. It only has headphones, speaker, and Bluetooth settings, but nothing for dock or Airplay. This, to me, makes using DPS with Jetaudio a questionable proposition. I really don’t see its purpose. I realize that Jetaudio’s equalizer settings are more sophisticated than those available in DPS, so I guess that’s the only reason. Of course, Jetaudio also has a couple of other options that can be purchased over and above the free version.

  3. jimboden says:

    Got to spend more time with Jetaudio and think the DPS add-on is a good match. I spent quite a bit of time playing with equalizer settings and eventually settled on the Jetaudio Headphone setting Between it and DPS, my Bose QC3 headphones sound much better than they did with DPS on its own. There’s slightly less bass and vocals are much clearer. As DPS does not have a Bose QC3 profile, I use the QC15 profile instead. If I want to use Airplay, I’ll use the DPS app instead of Jetaudio. Otherwise, I’m sticking with Jetaudio because I like its features. For a free product, it’s very versatile.

  4. konkrypton says:

    I was one of folks that really used the DPS app with both my iPhone and iPad. I was disappointed when Bongiovi chose to stop updating it. I tried it recently and couldn’t even get it to run in iOS 10. But learning about DPS in Jet Audio has made me a happy listener again! Thanks, guys, for bringing back my DPS-improved audio! 🙂

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