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Bongiovi DPS iOS App “End of Life” Statement

on September 17, 2015

Since 2011, the Bongiovi DPS App has provided amazing sound to many thousands of iOS users. Upon its release, Bongiovi DPS was the first iOS app to offer a fully customized listening experience by processing audio and video files in the user’s media library. The magic is performed by the patented Bongiovi Digital Power Station audio optimization algorithm.

However, most users now prefer to stream media to their iOS device. Keeping a large library of music files is no longer the norm. Apple only allows custom audio processing of media stored locally on a device. This limits the content that can receive the benefits of DPS processing.

Additionally, some devices running the final release version of iOS 9 do not allow the Bongiovi DPS app to function properly. So, after careful consideration, we have decided the Bongiovi DPS iOS app will no longer be made available in the Apple App Store. If you have installed Bongiovi DPS in the past, it may be available for download in your App Store purchases via iTunes.

So how can you continue the get the Bongiovi DPS audio experience on your iOS device?

Get the jetAudio Music Player! Bongiovi Acoustics and jetAudio have integrated DPS audio processing into this full featured music player. All audio profiles that were available in the Bongiovi DPS app are now available in the jetAudio player. Click here to learn how to get DPS for iOS via in app upgrade within the jetAudio Music Player.

During the past four years, Bongiovi Acoustics has expanded availability of the Digital Power Station algorithm. Now developers may integrate the Bongiovi DPS SDK audio processing library into their applications to provide a premium listening experience. This Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Bongiovi Acoustics will continue to support the DPS Plugin software for Windows and Mac computers . In the future, Bongiovi DPS audio processing will be available in streaming music players, new smart devices and even more consumer electronics. By focusing on providing high quality integration options instead of supporting consumer facing mobile applications, the Bongiovi sound will become even more ubiquitous.

Please visit the Bongiovi Acoustics website to learn how you can get the Bongiovi DPS audio experience in your home.

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