Bongiovi DPS
on April 30, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer is now available as an upgrade inside the Jet Audio Music Player Plus for Android. Click here to get the Jet Audio Music Player Plus. Let’s take a look at how to get things setup.

Once you have purchased the Jet Audio Music Player Plus Android App, you will also need to purchase the Bongiovi DPS Upgrade inside the Jet Audio App. Hit the Sound effects icon (3rd from left icon on top of the track art) in the picture below. This is where DPS lives.


Click this icon and you will then see Bongiovi DPS as an option. Click Bongiovi DPS. (Shown Below)


After you have chosen Bongiovi DPS you will be taken to a screen where you see a large B button to turn DPS on and off and to choose DPS profiles for Headphones, Speakers and Bluetooth categories. There is a short demo to try out these features. All of which can be unlocked once purchased for $2.99. Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase Bongiovi DPS for Android inside of the Jet Audio Plus Player. Go through all the steps to purchase the app from Google Play Store. Hit close. You may now play music with the Jet Audio Music Player Plus app. Enhanced with DPS of course!

You now have full access to the vast array of DPS Sound profiles in the Bongiovi DPS section of the Jet Audio Music Player Plus. Hit the B button box to turn DPS on and enjoy DPS enhanced Audio. If you are having any difficulties with the Jet Audio Player and the Bongiovi DPS in app upgrade, please contact Jet Audio Support at


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