Bongiovi DPS
on June 20, 2012

It’s been an exciting past few months! I’ve traveled to Asia a few times (the pic above is a Tuk Tuk turned into a bar in a Bangkok street restaurant) and have been working on a lot of prototyping for the the Bongiovi DPS technology for integration into consumer electronics and automotive applications. I get the same joy working on these prototypes as I do from mixing records. Recording music has always been about making someone feel something by remote control. Like a robot I send to tickle your brain muhahahaha! Making a new piece of audio hardware sound excellent brings the same satisfaction since I know thousands of people will be listening to the DPS profile I’ve created to re-master music on their device.

This is not to say I see music as a totally technical or analytical experience. Making music for me is always best enjoyed in front of an audience. It’s communication, interaction and sharing a moment. Nothing comes close to the visceral experience of live music. And I totally understand why recorded music has become the marketing tool it is today instead of the cash cow it once was. We want to engage our favorite artists on a personal level, and listening to their recorded material is just a quick fix until we can see them on TV or at a show. All media has to work together to satisfy today’s audience.

Helping to create a better listening experience is rewarding and fun. And I look forward to getting the tools I use into our users’ hands to expand the possibilities of the Digital Power Station. Once more, the sonic experience will come full circle and become about communication and community. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

For now, I plug away on the tiny details that make up all engineering work. I sink down into the zone and make some magic until the phone rings lol! If you haven’t yet, try out the DPS audio enhancer on your computer. Let a piece of our hard work make your listening experience that much more rewarding:


Get it from CNET!

Mac iTunes:

Get it from CNET!

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