Bongiovi DPS
on June 15, 2012

One thing is for sure, Dad’s like their gadgets! While you are outside grilling this Father’s Day, you might want a portable audio solution that you can actually hear. A louder laptop, volume booster, audio enhancer, sound enhancer or whatever you want to call it! That’s where Bongiovi DPS comes in! Here are 3 Father’s Day ideas for listening to music (audio) while you grill and hang out with the family.

1. Bongiovi DPS for Apple Devices– Dock your iPad, iPhone or iPod outside and play your music through our audio enhancer “Bongiovi DPS” app. Now you will be able to hear the music loud and clear over the crackle of charcoal embers and sizzling veggies and meat!

2. DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer for Windows– Many of us take our laptops where ever we go. This Father’s Day, give your laptop a sound makeover with the DPS Plugin for windows! This audio enhancer will give your Windows Laptop louder more crisp tones (for all the audio coming out of your machine) to rise above the clang of horseshoes and loud relatives! Try it for Free by clicking here!

3. DPS Plugin for iTunes (Mac) – Dad a fan of the iTunes? I am sure he has got a nice setup in the house. However, the backyard can be a little stretch. Take the Mac laptop outside and make iTunes sing like never before! Make dad a special playlist, load the DPS Plugin and send him on a musical journey of sound while he sits back sipping a cold one!

This is a great last minute gift idea! Give the gift of great sound! Show Dad how good his audio devices can sound with DPS from Bongiovi Acoustics!

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