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Wondershare and DPS

on July 18, 2013

A few customers have mentioned that they use Wondershare’s All My Music software for Mac to record audio from their browser. We tested on the trial version and wanted to share how to setup the DPS Plugin with this software to function and process recorded audio with DPS.  The following steps will add Bongiovi DPS real time re-mastering to your Wondershare recordings.  DPS can really fix up the sound for low fidelity podcasts, live recordings and music you wish to play on a device that has no audio processing.  Lets get started!

1. Open the Wondershare AllMyMusic Software. Open it’s “Preferences” drop down menu and set the Output location to a folder of your choosing. **Consider making a new folder named, “Processed by DPS”.

Wondershare Processed by DPS

2. Now let’s set things inside of DPS! Click the B button in your menubar and select “Output Device”. You should see an option for “Wondershare Audio Device”. Choose this.

Wondershare DPS Output Device

3. Hit record in Wondershare AllMyMusic and make sure you have turned on DPS by clicking the B button. Play a video from Youtube or anything that makes sound. *Try a video with a low volume like a D.I.Y How-To-Video or something of that nature. You should now hear audio and notice that the signal has significantly changed with DPS engaged.

**If you hear distortion in your recording you should turn off DPS Volume Boost.

Windershare DPS Record Test

4. You can then save the audio by right clicking the file you recorded in the AllMyMusic Library and choosing the option to “Show in Finder” and the files will save in the “Processed by DPS” or folder of your choosing.

Wondershare Saving DPS Processed Audio

This support link offers further detail about the AllMyMusic Software.

The coolest thing about this whole process is that DPS processes your captured audio. Something many people have asked for. Look into the Wondershare software and give it a try with the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology!

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