Bongiovi DPS

Automotive Audio Upgrade Demo Unit

on July 5, 2013

The Bongiovi DPS Automotive Demo Box

The picture above is a demonstration unit that showcases the DPS Automotive upgrade module and the new ON semiconductor LC75056 chip with 6 channels of Bongiovi DPS processing.

Back of the Bongiovi DPS Automotive Demo Box

As you can see above, we have created a very clean Automotive Audio Upgrade Unit to show the automotive audio world the new ON Semiconductor LC75056 chip and the Bongiovi DPS Automotive Upgrade Module (as previously mentioned). This thing sounds amazing and is built like a tank for rugged travel situations.

DPS Engineer Ryan Copt Tweaking the DPS Automotive Demo Box

Bongiovi Acoustics Engineer, Ryan Copt is seen here tweaking the new demo box. If you think this Audio Upgrade Demo Unit looks great, wait until you hear it! Hopefully we will be able to make a little teaser video for all of you to hear this thing. We also did a little fun thing on The Official Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook where people could name the box. Log in, LIKE US and CLICK HERE to view some of the wacky names people came up with and submit your own for this Automotive Audio Upgrade Demo Unit.

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