Bongiovi DPS
on April 21, 2010

Last night I watched a documentary called, The Heart is a Drum Machine.  It featured a series of musicians and actors from John Frusciante to Bijou Phillips.  It posed an interesting question.  What is music?  Each person had a different answer.  It was very cool to hear how others experience music.  Some were very similar to how I experience music.  Actor, Elijah Wood spoke about his experience as a listener.  How he obsesses over a new band and reads everything online there is to know about the artist.  Maynard James Keenan of Tool had his own section where he chose to remain silent and the text rolled through to the beat.  A very creative play.  He wanted his feelings on the matter to be interpreted as music not commentary.  This documentary got me thinking.  More importantly it reminded me of what music is to me.  I have always taken the world through my heart.  My filter.  I make it mine and spit it back out.  Not with expectation but with relief and hope that someone is listening.  Hope that I have touched someone where it matters.  The heart.  What is music to you?

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