Bongiovi DPS
on April 19, 2010

I have always been a huge fan of music. Going to the record store and picking up vinyl is still fun.  Assuming you still have a record store in your town.  I am also guilty of still listening to the CD.  I usually have one CD in the car and I still listen to my favorites on my home audio system this way.  Pristine audio is nice once in a while.  If you compare it to your stock system in your car (playing an iPod) you will wonder why people are not still using CDs.  However, I am on my PC or laptop when I work and I cannot help but stream audio.  Pandora and various other streaming sites provide so so quality audio in the background  of my day.  I find it also useful in those situations where you are teaching someone a song on the guitar and your phone is in your pocket.  Streaming Audio is convenience.  We spend way more time online and on our phones.  We like that sites like Pandora give us similar tastes.  A way to hear new music that we might actually like.  I feel the whole streaming audio and movies for that matter.  I do it everyday.  I still love to buy a piece of music that is top notch though.  I guess mediocrity can stay in stream land.

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