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Munny Speakers with DPS

on March 5, 2013

A while back I came across these great little Munny Speakers. Now our resident hacker, Robzilla is making them. Of Course, we will be super charging them with a custom Bongiovi DPS Profile. Many people have made the Munny Speakers online. But, none have a custom build with a custom DPS profile.

I must say, The Munny Speakers look even cooler out of the box. The large heads slightly tilted forward give this such a cool canvas for design. I love that you can basically use anything to color this thing. Will be cool to see what Robzilla comes up with. Notice the blank name tag as well! Feel free to message us ideas for a name.

The blank Munny is now out of the box and ready for it’s Bongiovi DPS makeover! The sound and look will be totally redone. What will the Munny look like? More importantly, what will it sound like before and after we apply a DPS Profile? Stay tuned for updates and comment here or on the Bongiovi Acoustics Facebook page with your funny name ideas.

-Joseph Beaty
Bongiovi DPS Team


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3 responses to “Munny Speakers with DPS”

  1. Kevin says:

    What drivers are you using?

  2. Rob Summers says:

    I decided to use the parts from a Logitech 2.1 speaker set and didn’t like the way the speakers looked but the electronic guts still worked so I found another pair of drivers. The drivers I used are Dayton Audio RS75-4 3″ Reference Full-Range Driver 4 Ohm. You can find them at

  3. Kevin says:

    Cool, Thanks!

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