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Munny Speakers with DPS Part Two

on March 12, 2013

A week or so ago we made a post about the Munny Speakers with DPS we are building. Behold! Munny Speakers with DPS Part Two! Here is a pic of the Munny Speaker pulled apart.

As you can see, the speaker we got had to be just right in order to fit inside of the Munny.

(As you can see above) We quickly realized that the Munny Speakers were too heavy once the speaker was mounted in the head. The just kept falling over. So we used these Copperhead BBs to fill in the body and add some much needed weight to the Munny Speaker.

Now they can stay up with the speaker in! Also, notice (in the pic above) how we cut into the head of the Munny Speaker to install the speaker. Small area to work with but the speaker fit perfectly!

Dual Munny Speakers! They are now standing with their speakers and are ready to be wired up! Stay tuned to watch them come to life. Excited to hear what they look and sound like with DPS. Stay tuned!

-Bongiovi DPS Team

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