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on August 27, 2012

Maximize Your Computer’s Audio

Audio is a big part of our day. We all watch videos, have Skype meetings, listen to music, etc. It’s time to maximize your computer’s audio!  Lifehacker recently had a great article about how to best utilize cloud storage via Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Player, etc. The first thing I thought of after reading this was the DPS Audio Enhancer. This article solved storage and access issues all in one shot. However, why not throw some audio enhancement in the mix?

Get it from CNET!


So, on the old school front I also have an old PC I dedicated to store all my music. It is plugged into my home entertainment system. My PC boombox! DPS is installed on this machine as well. So if you have a larger music library saved on a drive or dedicated machine, this is also a great way to maximize your computer’s audio. Yeah, I put my favorite music and video in the cloud and just take my laptop with DPS on it to access that stuff. However, I am a music nerd and sometimes I just want to sift through the endless drives of tunes I have collected over the years. Listen on some larger speakers maybe? Still, having some sort of audio enhancement option here is also a necessity for me. I am sure someday I will be storing everything in the cloud and my PC Boombox will go the way of the dodo. Still cool to have my music collection dialed in. Hope this provides some options for people on the go with their lives in the cloud as well as people who have large media libraries stored on their machines at home.

So I saved a bunch of tunes in various cloud services and opened up my DPS System Wide plugin for Windows, played some music and went about my day. Now I am organized and everything sounds great! DPS enhanced my music in the cloud while I multi-tasked and got my work done. No toggling between different enhancement services. I like that I also have more space for audio and art projects I am working on now that I am saving more in the cloud! Thank you Lifehacker and Bongiovi DPS! The system wide version for Windows (and Mac) enhances all the audio coming through my (or your) machine. Start up and go! A nice feature for when work is getting heavy. So for a minimal fee you can enhance your audio and use FREE cloud storage to host all your source material. I prefer this option over buying bulky and expensive speaker and power amp setups along with tons of drives. Great on the go Audio Enhancement solution as well. I recently did some work on my laptop in a noisy cafe. I popped some ear buds in, played some of my own music in the cloud and found a sweet DPS Profile to enhance the audio. This way I could hear it clear and work on some lyrics to a new song without distraction. So the cloud and DPS is a win win situation for me. Endless options.

Thanks again to Lifehacker for inspiring this rant.

Enhance your saved material, cloud material or anything that makes sound with one service. The DPS Plugin!

-Joseph Beaty
DPS Insider

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