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Berlin Boombox DPS Profiling

on August 29, 2012

Berlin Boombox DPS Profiling

So a while ago we had a post called, Kickstarting the Berlin Boombox. Those of you that are getting one will have a special profile we made by hand for this device by you guessed it, Bongiovi DPS! If you did not know, The Berlin Boombox is a cardboard boombox with bold graphic art and a built-in stereo amplifier. It holds your iPhone/mp3 player. Designed by illustrator & designer Axel Pfaender.

The Bongiovi DPS Profile for this will be available for our Bongiovi DPS iOS App and other DPS Plugin products. You can get our stuff by clicking here. Click the pictures above to check out more about the Berlin Boombox!

We also did a little cardboard speaker experiment a while back. Enjoy this video in all it’s nerdy glory!

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