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on March 29, 2010

I wanted to take a minute to talk about what makes the Digital Power Station truly unique among audio technologies…  The DPS Plug-In has no fancy knobs or meters.  It doesn’t have a Minority Report style user interface.  It’s just a few buttons.  So what gives?  Why is it special?

It’s the people.

The buttons on the user interface switch between the different “profiles” you pick in the “preferences” window.  So what is a “profile”?  A DPS profile is definitely not your everyday “rock” or “jazz” or “hall” eq effect preset!  Those presets-of-old tried to tailor the device to suit what you might want the music to sound like.  Once you found the preset you liked on your old boombox it pretty much stayed that way, right?  That ubiquitous smiley face eq curve.  Or maybe you did it Twisted Sister style and slammed all those little eq sliders all the way up!  ^^/,

Well, the DPS Profile is a whole new animal.  The DPS technology is a powerful and adaptive tool that Bongiovi Acoustics audio engineers can use to optimize the audio for any device.  And it is all done by hand.

Hence the people.

So a real live person (like Tony B, Phil or myself) sits down with the proper tools and “tunes” that audio device with the DPS technology to perform as close to an ideal as possible.  The ideal we hold is the sound of music being played back in our studio control room.  The control room is an  acoustically accurate environment in which we have chosen speakers and amplifiers that match that space so we have the tools to create music that sounds great everywhere.  The sound in our control room just reaches out and grabs you.  And it also tells us what is right and wrong about the sound!  So, short story long, the DPS technology optimizes an audio signal to be most efficient for a specific device.  And that only happens after a Bongiovi Acoustics engineer has laid their hands on the thing.

You might ask another question… What gives you guys the right to muck about with my audio signal, buddy?  The answer is a whole lot of years of making music come out of speakers!  Tony got his start at Motown records in Detroit as an engineer when he was just 17 years old and has had the privilege of working with Jimi Hendrix, The Ramones, Ozzy Osbourne and many other music greats.  Any of the other engineers that tune devices for the DPS technology have a minimum 15 years of experience behind a recording console.  (Check out Power Station Studios )  Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to!  🙂

Tony actually invented the DPS technology as a solution to listening to music in his airplane.  He has a small twin engine Comanche that has two propellers whirring right next to your ears.  It is LOUD in the cabin.  Any time he would play music over the stereo in the plane, it would be totally distorted and awful sounding by the time it was loud enough to be heard.  After years of experimentation, eureka!  The Digital Power Station was born; a device that creates a highly efficient audio signal that the speakers and amplifiers can easily reproduce.  Music can be crystal clear in acoustically hostile environment and at low levels all while compensating for differences in volume between songs and restoring previously inaudible frequency content.  Nifty!

So we are continually creating new custom profiles for all kinds of popular audio devices.  The Windows version of the DPS technology is also right around the corner which vastly opens up the range of devices that can benefit from DPS.  We want to be sure profiles are available to those of you who own these devices so let us know what you are using!  It’s all about big sound from small packages.

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