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A Soundtrack Life

on March 31, 2010

So many people don’t even thing about what goes into a movie or TV show.  The filming is labor intensive.  Building sets and getting the lighting just right.  I could go on for days with details.  The director and crew work with the actors day in and day out and when all is said and done maybe some editing and production effects go down.  After all of this craziness of the film world, there is music.  Music that enhances the scenes for a particular feel.  I love that edge of your seat feeling when someone is about to jump out from behind a wall or something is about to explode.  So many people feel that music in the traditional sense has lost some if it’s excitement.  Maybe this is the result of the way the music industry has handled the way we used to get our music?  I feel that now more than ever, we need music to create and enhance these amazing visual realms we call Movies, TV Shows and Commercials.  Everything we do or watch seems to have some kind of soundtrack.  Why put music in one box?  Some of the best bands I have ever heard I found jamming  in the credits of a movie I just watched or a thirty second commercial for that matter.   I believe music has a permanent  future in these places.  Seems to make more sense than a piece of plastic in a plastic case.  Aside from the business world of music.  We all can write the soundtrack to our day.  Go outside and breathe a bit.  I am sure a good day will bring an upbeat melody that we all could appreciate and enjoy.   A stressful day might be a little more tense in the melody department.  Music is still relevant and always will be.  Business or no business.  One of my projects, D_composure did a little song called, “A Touch From You”  for an iHome commercial and for the DPS Plug-In.  It was a lot of fun to write.  A good example of a work inspired by something in the visual realm.  Check it out at  Just hit play.  We would love to hear and see your visually inspired works.  Share your stuff with us on the DPS Insider Forum today!

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3 responses to “A Soundtrack Life”

  1. Rob Roy says:

    So true! Your post reminds me of something Nile Rodgers said, “Humans seem to be organically wired to love music.” The movies just prove that this is true.
    [Nile Rodgers was the guitarist for the 70’s disco/RnB band, “Le Chic,” as well as a legendary record producer who blossomed out Tony Bongiovi’s Power Station Studio in New York. As a matter of fact, Le Chic was the first recording to be done in Power Station. The session started in studio A before the glass window between the control room and live studio was even installed.]

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