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on October 2, 2013

Enhance Netflix Audio Quality

Everyone is streaming their favorite movies and TV series on Netflix. Why not Enhance Netflix Audio Quality? If you are using your Mac or Windows computers to watch Netflix, then we have a suggestion for you. The DPS Plugin is a a software application that enhances all the audio coming out of your computer. This can be used with anything that makes sound on your computer. Services like Pandora, Spotify, Hulu and more can all have enhanced audio quality. Let’s take a look at the Windows version of the DPS Plugin.

Enhance Netflix Audio Quality for Windows

DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer for Windows

The DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer for Windows is very easy to use. There are several custom sound profiles (called, DPS Profiles) that are custom made for all kinds of devices. From docking stations and desktop speakers to headphones, ear-buds and your device’s built in speakers. There are profiles to enhance how ever you are listening.

windows screen shot

Once you have installed the software, you can look in the DPS Preferences section to view all the profiles. We urge you to play a Netlfix video and roll through some of these profiles. Find one that sounds great and try clicking the big blue B button to hear the difference. A great way to Enhance Netflix Audio Quality on your Windows machine.

Enhance Netflix Audio Quality for Mac

DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer Mac

The DPS Plugin for Mac (Also known as Mac System-Wide) has a very slick interface that is easy to use. Get a Netflix movie going and choose the best DPS profile for your listening situation. Once again, we urge you to play a movie and hit that big blue B button to see just how much you Enhance Netflix Audio Quality on a Mac.


Whether you are using a Mac or a Windows machine to watch Netflix, using the DPS Plugin can significantly enhance your movie and overall audio experience. Try the FREE trial today and see how Bongiovi DPS can enhance Netflix Audio Quality.

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