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DPS Audio Enhancer with Winamp

on November 26, 2013

DPS Audio Enhancer with Winamp

Have you tried the DPS Audio Enhancer with Winamp lately? Seems Winamp might be at the end of it’s life according to this Time Magazine article. Sad to see it go! Anyhow,  Odds are that if you are using it, you are noticing some glitchy stuff going on.  I recently dug around in Winamp to find some settings that we were not aware of.  I was able to eliminate the cutting in and out sounds by changing these settings.  Let’s take a look at how to set things up for Winamp and the DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer to make it work more efficiently.

winamp plugin outputOpen your Winamp Preferences by choosing Options>Preferences. Then, click on Output in the Plug-ins category.  You should then see an image like the one the left. Highlight both Waveout and Directsound outputs and set the output to Speakers Digital Power Station. This is done by hitting the configure tab once one of these is highlighted. See image below.

device output in winamp

Set DPS for both sets of plugin outputs and click OK.  I also recommend deleting any effects in the DSP/Effect category (not DPS HAHA!).   This is located in the Plug-Ins category inside of Winamp Preferences as well. I was still noticing some cutting out going on until I deleted these DSP/Effects.

To touch on the end of Winamp, I remember downloading my first MP3 and using Winamp as a player.  This was quite some time ago. I loved how the service grew and let you skin your own player, etc.  It was the first real player that you could sort of cater to your liking.  With the rise of streaming on Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, etc. It seems…

The need for a true player is starting to go the wayside for many media hungry users.  I wish the many dedicated Winamp users success in gaining enough signatures to let Winamp go open source or to somehow convince AOL to keep Winamp on board. Does not look promising.  

I wonder how many Winamp users will move over to the open source VLC Media Player? We shall see! Hope these settings help for those clutching onto Winamp. Are you a Winamp user? Will you be sad to see it go?  Comment this post with your thoughts, rants, or I don’t cares.

Long Live Winamp!


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