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Does A Band Still Need A Website?

on February 16, 2010

A common discussion seems to be invading my recent conversations with fellow musicians; how to stay visible in this ever changing musical climate.  Does a band still need a website? Many people will say no.  I have heard people say, “My band has a myspace and that is all we need.”  Very poor decision.  Myspace is a small space on the net for musicians.  You need a myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.  There is no doubt about it.  I do think there is a need in this world to engage your core audience, whoever that may be.  How can you completely engage an audience on some other website’s platform?  You need a creative space.  You need a dot com, .us or whatever.  You need to use your social tools to push people there.  You need to give your fans a reason to visit your official website.  Give them some free stuff.  Sell some stuff too!  Constant updates without spamming.  You need to be the creative person you are at all times and let people know about it in more places than just myspace.  Sorry lazy band dudes.  A band does still need a website.  Don’t get lost in social spaces alone.  Do it all.

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