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Bongiovi Acoustics at SEMA 2009

on November 3, 2009

Bongiovi Acoustics and several of its automotive partners will demonstrate revolutionary new audio technologies at the annual auto accessories show.

All of the applications will be driven by Bongiovi Acoustics’ patented DPS, a software-based   technology that enables auto-makers to provide studio-quality sound without adding costly audio hardware upgrades, while simultaneously reducing vehicle weight and freeing up valuable interior real estate.

A Toyota Corolla provided by Toyota Motor Sales of America and MWW Automotive will be in the Dealer Day Booth (11159 in the North Hall). The Corolla’s factory radio is augmented by a plug-and-play DPS Module containing a custom software algorithm. The DPS Module drives an audio system comprised of two rear door speakers and a transducer-excited, eco-friendly headliner, which is provided by Johnson Controls, Inc. No front door speakers are necessary.

A 2010 Chevrolet Camaro provided by General Motors and Innovative Vehicle Solutions of Madison Heights, MI. will be displayed in the Classic Design Concepts Booth (11215 in the North Hall.)  The Camaro’s GM-offered Boston Acoustics audio system is augmented by a DPS Module containing a custom software algorithm that drives the Camaro’s factory speakers as well as a transducer-excited headliner.

“These vehicles show the design flexibility that DPS provides to automakers while delivering state-of-the-art sound.” says Tony Bongiovi. “Our technology enables manufacturers to utilize new, innovative materials and technologies that provide significant economic, design, and ecological advantages.”

Bongiovi Acoustics licenses DPS to a wide variety of consumer electronics manufacturers and OEM companies in the form of software-based active digital signal processing technologies. Visit for more information.

The Company: Bongiovi Acoustics is an operating entity of Bongiovi Media & Technology, Inc., a privately held company with offices at 649 SW Whitmore Dr., Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The company generates revenues through licensing of its technology, joint ventures with strategic partners and also through sales, licensing, distribution and production agreements within the entertainment industry.

To schedule a demonstration, meeting or press interview at SEMA with Bongiovi Acoustics, contact:

Gail Parenteau, Parenteau Guidance PR

(212) 532-3934 or


Joe Butera, Director, COO and Co-founder  772-879-0578 or


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  1. We didn’t get a production version of the Concept CS, but it looks like things are going to go a little less disappointingly with the recently unveiled BMW Gran Coupé. Elements from the rakish four-door are will first appear on the 6 Series coupe and convertible, and the Gran Coupé’s cues are expected to “turn up all over the BMW range in the next few years.”

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