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Bongiovi Acousitcs DPS-Enabled Headphones, CES 2010

on January 7, 2010

LAS VEGAS, NV — January 7, 2010 — Bongiovi Acoustics, LLC announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the launch of the first headphones to incorporate the Digital Power Station (DPS) technology.  DPS is a software based digital audio processor that optimizes program material for playback on a particular device.

The DPS™ enabled, noise canceling headphone is the result of a joint venture between Bongiovi and Future Acoustics, Inc. The headphone is built to meet original equipment (OEM) automotive standards. The DPS technology will allow the listener to hear music and audio that is as close to studio quality as possible in a vehicle.

“The DPS headphones represent the second in a series of planned DPS automotive implementations,” says Ayaz Somani, Future’s CEO, “and provide OEMs and their customers an immediate and inexpensive way of ushering the luxury of studio quality sound into their vehicles.”

DPS is a 100% active digital processing method that analyzes the incoming audio signal and remixes it in real time for optimized playback on the headphones.  The DPS algorithm contains settings for over 120 calibration points that are custom tuned by Bongiovi Acoustics sound engineers for the intended playback device.  The DPS extends the frequency response of the headphones and dramatically enhances their audio playback capabilities. It adds missing harmonics, improves brightness, clarity and presence and provides deeper, more resonant bass. It miraculously extends bandwidth of compressed audio formats (MP3 and AAC) and also compensates for differences in volume between songs.

The headphones, which will be available mid-2010, are distributed through AVG Group, Bongiovi’s master distributor of DPS enabled automotive products.

“Our partnership with Future Acoustics and AVG Group has enabled us to bring our DPS technology to the major OEM players in the automotive sector” says Ron Simmons, Managing Director of Bongiovi Acoustics. “These new headphones extend our technology beyond head-unit based audio and video systems in a vehicle.”

The patented DPS technology is currently available in award-winning iHome products and JVC Mobile entertainment systems and will soon be available in a wide variety of consumer electronics products under licensing terms to major manufacturers.

The Company
Bongiovi Acoustics is an operating entity of Bongiovi Media & Technology, Inc., a privately held company. The company generates revenues through licensing of its technology, joint ventures with strategic partners and also through sales, licensing, distribution and production agreements within the entertainment industry.

About DPS: This unique technology was conceived by award-winning recording engineer and producer Tony Bongiovi and developed by the Bongiovi Acoustics team. Bongiovi fused his expertise in both acoustical engineering and record production to “break through the sound barrier” between what is recorded in the sound studio and what you ultimately hear.

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