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on January 24, 2010

Aural exciters and sound enhancement hardware is standard for most turntable/CD based DJ rigs.  But how about those of you who can blow up a party with a laptop, iTunes and your portable drive?  Just because you don’t haul around a crate of records anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have that bigger-than-life sound.  As audio engineers and fans of dance music, we at Bongiovi Acoustics have decided to try yet another experiment with the Digital Power Station technology!

Our plan is to bring our Carvin PA system into the parking lot of our studio and tune it block party style!  Be sure to follow our tweets while we tune as we will be posting plenty of images.  Our goal is to squeeze about 30% more spl (pure volume) from the system than is possible without the DPS technology.  The result should be a clearer sound  that hits harder!  Keep in mind the DPS technology also compensates for differences in volume between songs.  The profile created from this experiment will be available as a download for the DPS Plugin for Mac computers.

The experiment will not stop there.  We will visit  several local clubs with various types of sound systems to develop a series of Universal Party Profiles.  We will be taking into account the room acoustics, the power of the sound system and the types of speakers used.  Again, these profiles will be available as a download via the DPS Plugin.

Do you have a song in mind that we should use to test the system?  Maybe an underground track that usually wrecks most systems?  Or perhaps it’s your track and you want us to blast it out over our neighborhood!  Just comment to this article or send an mp3 snippet to

Joe Butera III –

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