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Being a Musician or Fan in 2010.

on January 30, 2010

Being a musician or music fan in 2010 is nothing like being an active musician or music fan ten years ago.  Cd’s were the main source of music distribution.  Now they are a distant second.  With Mp3, Ogg, lossless, etc,  iTunes became our old CD Trapper Keepers…holding things we cannot touch.  While iTunes and app developers are keeping things current and fresh, iPhones integrate every aspect of our online experiences into the palm of our hand.  We don’t stop to think how far things have come in 10 years very often.  Quite amazing really.  Especially in the music world.

I am a part of an old way of thinking and very much a part of the way things are done now.  Musicians are stuck in the middle feeding the free world and being a fan of getting things before they are released.  As a fan of music I believe the artists in my catalog deserve to be paid for physical or digital music.  Whether I can touch it or not, I do still prefer a physical copy of my favorites.  Most artists are only pressing limited amounts of their work and most rely on the digital realm.  I think as a musician I feel both worlds must be fed.  I am curious to see how other music listeners and musicians are making it happen now.  Itunes, Cdbaby, Torrents, Pandora, Streaming audio, etc.  I look forward to hearing your focal points in either realm.

Joseph Beaty

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