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Applications Killed The Interent Star

on September 14, 2010

So we already have a music industry turned upside down by file sharing.  The average Joe (ha ha I made a funny) is making out OK getting their music out to thousands that want it free and fast.  The internet is still a very viable tool to promote and such.  However,  I notice myself going on the actual computer less and less these days to promote my music.  Less and less for everything else too!  Especially since  the purchase of my new phone.  I have what I need in the form of an application.  I can do all the things I normally do on a PC with the exception of making and listening to quality music.  I still prefer to listen to music on a real set of speakers or at the very least on a PC or laptop with the DPS Plug-In engaged.  (Shameless self promotion.)  Seems like most people are not really spending as much time sitting on their bums watching the browser these days.  My dad got an internet service when I was pretty young and most kids didn’t even have it yet.  It has been this long that many of us have had time to watch the browser and figure out what we do and don’t like.  We have used services like AOL and have evolved to services like Face Book, Twitter and Netflix.   All of which are mobile now in some shape or form.  This is just one area that I chose to talk about here.  We have witnessed epic change in the way we do business as a whole.  Brick and Mortar who?  We like the way we can choose what we want when we want without the gateway of a browser.  I wonder how our future generations will become big and famous.  I have a distinct feeling those days are coming to an end.  The technology to give people what they want is here.  Applications killed the internet star.

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