Bongiovi DPS
on September 10, 2010

I am sure many of you have noticed we mostly talk about audio here.  It has not been too often lately that we talk about new musician and people tools for the artist and music listener.  While updating to the new iTunes 10 I realized there was so much more in this particular update. There was Apple Ping!  A social network for people and artists to share what they are listening to.  I highly suggest checking it out if you are already using iTunes.  I have found iTunes to be rather mediocre since I began using it with my 2nd Generation iPod.  Ping makes iTunes more of an experience instead of a place where MP3’s go to die.  I hope the rest of iTunes users  jump on this.  If nothing else it will serve as a great place to follow musicians we love.  Much like the way a lot of us use Twitter to follow celebrities.  I like Ping much better to sort out the musicians from that mess.  Here is my profile as an example-

It will ask you to choose iTunes as an application to check out my profile so make sure you have it installed along with your DPS Plug-in!


-Joseph Beaty

DPS Insider

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