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JVC KD-S100 Legacy Support

This page has been imported from our archives to support users of the JVC KD-S100 car audio head unit. The Beta program is no longer active and we can no longer create new profiles for the KD-S100. However, the zip files below contain all of the profiles ever created for this unique head unit. We are certain you will find one that meets your needs.


Currently, all KD-S100 purchases from are supplied with a “Universal Tuning Profile CD” that the customer loads into their KD-S100. Bongovi Acoustics engineers have analyzed hundreds of vehicles to develop this Universal Tuning Profile that is “optimized” for all automotive use. When the Bongiovi ‘B-Button” is engaged, your car’s audio system is instantly transformed into a high-quality, high- energy audio system that sounds like you’ve added a subwoofer.

Recently, there have been numerous customer requests for vehicle specific tunings. For this reason, Bongiovi Acoustics engineers are developing a “Beta Program” to develop additional tunings. These profiles will be variations of the Universal Profile Algorithm.

This is a BETA program that will be maintained & monitored through our forums and message-boards, by its members only. The profiles will be made available to Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station, (DPS) communities. Join our forum at: and become a part of the DPS community where you will find updated information about these profiles.

The Primary purpose of this Beta testing program is to obtain feedback on profile performance. You are advised use caution when using these profiles. Evaluate profiles at safe, low volumes. You are also advised to safeguard any items in your audio system affected by these profiles. Any feedback regarding these profiles should be directed to the DPS forum at:

Download Version 1.1 Profiles
Download Custom Vehicle Profiles