Bongiovi DPS

How Bongiovi DPS Works

A Typical Recording

The audio waveform below is for the song “New York, New York” featuring Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra:

Notice the lighter blue core of the waveform surrounded by darker blue peaks. The light blue represents the average power of the audio and includes much of the information we perceive as loudness. The darker blue peaks can be much greater than the average power at any given moment.  An amplifier and speakers must work very hard to reproduce all of this information exactly as delivered.

Digital Power Station Processing

The Bongiovi DPS Real Time Audio Re-Mastering™ process reacts instantly to the incoming audio signal.  No matter what the original content of the audio is, Bongiovi DPS will optimize the signal so that important sounds stay at a consistent volume without losing their emotional impact or causing unwanted artifacts. Here is New York, New York processed by Bongiovi DPS:

Notice how the lighter blue is extremely consistent while the dark blue (still vibrant and active) is more controlled. It is easier for speakers or headphones to reproduce and it is easier for us to listen to.  DPS processed audio in this example appears the same volume to the listener.  And all of that space around the waveform is headroom.  Headroom can be used to make the sound easier to hear in a noisy environment and improve overall efficiency of the system.

This new waveform is created using patented dynamic range processing.  While the effect looks extreme, it is nearly transparent to the listener!

This dynamic range processing allows for radical adjustments of tonal quality that are not possible with standard techniques.  Bongiovi DPS re-defines what is possible with audio!

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