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Why Do You Love Music?

on April 2, 2012

Why do we love music? Is it the beat? Is it a particular lyric that hits home with a personal experience? The way the melody gets in our heads? For some, it is the fashion that goes with it. For others, a good dose of daily gossip about the artist makes the music even better. One thing is for sure, all of these things make music something special. We all have our own ways of enjoying media. (DPS Plug-In hint hint) For example, today I found myself watching some recent live performances by Fiona Apple. There is something about her stage presence that resonates with me. I think because it is real. I also happen to really like her music. I love that she walks on stage as herself. There is no novelty about it. There is no shock rock or cannons going off at a Fiona Apple gig. Pure emotion takes the cake for me. An artist can draw me in with the realness any day of the week. Not to say that I would not enjoy a Kiss or Marilyn Manson concert, video or song. I love theatrics! I just tend to have a completely different set of emotions from artists like these. It is more like watching a TV show or Broadway show. Thinking about all the reasons why we love music also got me thinking about how we receive music and media. What kind of devices (headphones, ear buds, etc) makes the experience better for you? I personally like good old fashioned speakers in a room for most music. However, sometimes I really like the closeness I get from headphones when I am listening to singer/songwriter type stuff like Fiona or Bob Dylan for example. This being shared, why do you love music? What type of external gear helps you be more a part of the music you love? Share your thoughts. Hope you enjoy Fiona Apple performing her classic tune, Criminal live at the Bowery Ballroom March 26th, 2012 as much as I did. I know everyone is searching, “Fiona Apple New Album”. Enjoy!

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