Bongiovi DPS

Volume Booster

on July 16, 2012

When we listen to music on our cruddy laptop speakers, we all want a Volume Booster. Not just any Volume Booster will do. We want something that maintains the integrity of the music. Something that also enhances bass, treble, mid and other frequencies you can normally not obtain through built in laptop speakers. This is where the DPS Audio Enhancer Plugin by Bongiovi Acoustics shines! Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, videos on YouTube, etc…You should not settle for low volume on your laptop just because you are in a hotel room on a business trip. The video above demonstrates how DPS can achieve a louder laptop with a simple software application. A volume booster with clarity designed by professional studio engineers that know audio. Tony Bongiovi (The founder of Bongiovi Acoustics) knows a thing or two about audio. He once used the DPS technology in his noisy plane to be able to hear controls louder. It gave him the Volume Booster he needed to understand everything he needed to hear on the radio loud and clear. So give it a try!

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