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Thinking Green

on March 17, 2010

So many of us try to do our part and think green.  Seems like a cliche kind of term huh?  I am guessing it depends on what thinking green means to each of us.  One person might think that thinking green is just recycling.  Another might go through their entire neighborhood with a waste basket and pick up all the trash they see on the ground.  We think about software based companies that have no physical waste from their products.  This is certainly thinking green without even having to think a whole lot about it.   We all live in a world that moves fast.  Once in a while we should all ask ourselves, How am I thinking green? – Joe Beaty

Joe Butera here.  I’m jumping on this post to talk a little about Bongiovi Acoustics’ contribution to being Earth-Friendly.  I know it always sounds like hype when a company talks about green-ness but it is worth mentioning that the DPS Technology does contribute to less waste.  For instance, in car audio applications, by installing our technology instead of a conventional audio upgrade (new speakers, amps etc.) you are keeping the weight of your vehicle down (better fuel economy) AND not throwing away your old, but perfectly good, speakers.  The DPS technology also allows for the use of lighter or unconventional materials for audio reproduction.  By eliminating more raw materials from any system waste is reduced, efficiency can be gained and our environmental impact can diminish…even if it is just a little.  If everyone is able to reduce/reuse/recycle just a bit, a huge effect can be felt.

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