Bongiovi DPS
on March 8, 2010

A music project of mine has recently had a discussion about pressing a vinyl record.  So many regular music listeners cringe when they hear the word “vinyl”!  I love vinyl.  I like the way it sounds all scratchy.  The enormous piece of collector wax and artwork.  People get creative and do colored vinyl,  7 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch.  You name it.  Vinyl is cool.  It is like collecting baseball cards or something.  It is a huge part of our musical history and I feel it is still very much alive and relevant.  Artists are offering download codes with their records now.  Makes great sense.  Buy a limited edition collectible and go download it and put it in your iTunes if that’s how you want to listen.  There is something about listening to vinyl rips digitally that is also very cool.  I am not sure why.  So if getting a CD is so last decade for you and stealing MP3s has got you feeling guilty, find a local record shop and pickup something that you can keep forever.  A good old fashioned piece of vinyl!

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