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The Super Bowl Needs Super Audio

on February 8, 2010

I am not your typical guy.  I am more into technology type stuff than sports.  I did watch bits and pieces of the super bowl this year.  The highlights for me were watching The Who at halftime and Megan Fox in the bathtub.  I couldn’t help but see Roger Daltry fighting with his ear monitor the entire performance.  It got me thinking.  So the game resumes and I see the same struggles going on with the referees!  A lot of ear touching going on.  Those of you with ear fetishes must have been in heaven.  I  just  found it humorous being that there is certainly all kinds of cash rolled into this event and there were clearly some audio issues going on.  One can’t help but think that it was hard to hear with all this discomfort in the ears of virtually everyone I saw on the field.  The Who publicly mentioned their dislike of their performance and I am sure the Indianapolis Colts feel the same way.  I am sure The Who and the referees will agree with me on this one.  The Super Bowl needs Super Audio!  Any solutions in mind?

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