Bongiovi DPS
on July 1, 2010

As many of you know, the head honcho at DPS and Bongiovi Acoustics is Tony Bongiovi.  Tony has had many gold records and worked with many artists including, The Talking Heads and The Ramones to name a few.  he would work with an artist or label and make a record.  Those records all did very well.  New ways to release music were happening then.  There was the cassette and vinyl.   8 track and reel tapes.  People bought music like this over the years.  Then the CD happened and people were still into the cassette.  People were copying stuff for their friends onto tape from their new alien format, the CD!  Here we are again with a new format some years later.  The MP3.  Seems it has done more than made a headache of a few people copying music for their friends.  It has started a downloading revolution.  When the CD started costing close to 20 dollars many people jumped ship.  I was fairly internet and tech savvy at the time.  I still to this day buy my top artists albums in vinyl and or CD formats.  This is the state of the new record biz.  Well, for now anyway.  Until the powers that  be decide on a new alien format to become popular.  Indie artists unite!

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