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Surfer Blood at Avalon Recording Studio

on April 5, 2010

Many moons ago a local band once called, TV Club came into the studio to do some tracking.  This band later became national indie rock phenoms, Surfer Blood.  Ryan Copt of Avalon Recording Studio and Bongiovi Entertainment naturally ran the show.  I remember being in and out when the band was recording there and figured I would chime in on my experience as an outsider looking in.  Ryan and I’s project, D_composure played with Surfer Blood when they were named, TV Club.  I liked them.  Reverb driven fun.  They have obviously come a long way since then.  I remember them wanting to just drench their tracks in reverb.  Which now seems to define their sound.  I have worked through Avalon Recording Studio over 10 years and this is one of the bigger acts to record there.  Nice to see local guys making good.  Even nicer to see Ryan getting credit for what is sure to be indie rock record of the year.  Ryan Copt is head engineer at Avalon Recording Studio.  He will be posting in the forums from time to time about his experiences with artists in the studio.  Look for his posts in the DPS forums.

Joseph Beaty

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3 responses to “Surfer Blood at Avalon Recording Studio”

  1. Ryan Copt says:

    Thanks Joe. This session was a ton of fun. They were all very talented musicians and great to work with. If I remember correctly, the entire album was tracked in only two days!! They were very well rehearsed and had a clear vision of how everything needed to go together. As you said, it’s always great to see a local talent make it big. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with them.

  2. captainkimo says:

    Been hearing a lot about this band lately. Cool site BTW!

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