Bongiovi DPS
on April 4, 2013

I remember the days where I had a huge Stereo Surround System cluttering up the family room. Speakers and wire all over the place. Not to mention the huge entertainment center that held the Stereo Surround System. Now, the way we consume and use media content is drastically different. We live on our computers and mobile devices. Downloading, streaming, working, etc. When I am done working for the day, I generally find what I want to watch on Netflix or something, go HDMI out to my TV and done. As you can see above, I just run a simple iHome iP1 docking station for my speakers and run the DPS Plugin from my PC to enhance those speakers. However, The cool thing about this setup is that I can choose the TV speakers as my output device inside of the DPS Plugin as well. The plugin will then enhance the TV speakers. Here is a great video showing how to hook up the laptop or computer with the Bongiovi DPS Plugin:

For me, this is a huge improvement over the way I used to setup my home theater system. I live in a medium sized house where space and convenience is very important to my way of living. I am not really missing the surround sound. Honestly, the Bongiovi DPS Plugin is really all I am using now. I actually gave my Stereo Surround System away to relative. How do you feel about Stereo Surround Systems? Share your setup and home system setup in a comment or on our facebook at

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