Bongiovi DPS

Social Network Run Down

on August 20, 2010

So I often wonder when Twitter and Facebook are going to go the way of the dodo in the mainstream.  I keep hearing all this talk about how Myspace has become old hat.  I too have canceled my personal Myspace account and joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter.  However, I am not sure how much better these social nets or tools actually are.  Especially when trying to promote music.  So I found this run down on what the top 10 social networks are and their features by comparison at this link.  The only place Facebook actually wins is in the legitimate friend focus category.  Myspace seems to take the cake over everything else.  Twitter is not listed here.  We all know that Twitter is not really a Social Network but more of a tool to share links and various other meaningless things about people’s current happenings.  I only follow people that have interesting things to say on Twitter.  Not very intrigued by people talking about making a sandwich or washing their dog.  I really only have a handful of friends that care for Twitter at all.  All of my friends use Facebook for staying in touch with friends and Myspace to check out music.  Most people just use Google to search for what they want, when they want it.  So it seems these services are sort of getting put into genres.  Just like music has always been put into a genre.  I think that people are going to abandon all social nets out of boredom.  We all can connect to our friends in so many ways now.  How long can Facebook and Twitter run the game?  Discuss.

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