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on January 27, 2014

CES 2014 was loaded with amazing things to see. A visit to see our friend ONANOFF was eventful. Onanoff solves modern problems with slick design for lifestyle type products. The onanoff Sound Cover (seen below) was being featured in their booth. They used DPS to demo the onanoff Sound Cover™.

Bongiovi DPS being used to demo Sound Cover

The onanoff Sound Cover™ is a unique smart cover with built-in flat NXT stereo speakers that boost the iPad’s volume by up to 300% and offer powerful, high-quality sound. Its ultra thin and lightweight design makes it perfect for travel, business presentations or even backyard BBQs with friends. The cover protects the iPad and serves as a multi-angle video/picture viewing stand or as typing support. Here’s a closer look!

Sound Cover onanoff

Bongiovi Acoustics engineers Joseph Butera III (Middle) and Phillip Fuller (Right) are seen below with onanoff CEO, Petur Hannes Olafsson. People were really enjoying the already great sounding cover with the added Bongiovi DPS technology on the demo. The Sound Cover is very slick looking, great sounding cover.

Petur Olafsson Joey Butera Phil Fuller

You could not help but notice the very beautiful sign featuring Amber LU of Amber Lu Design. We had to get a picture of her in front of the onanoff sign. (Shown below with Joseph Beaty of Bongiovi Acoustics). Her amazingly beautiful accessories for Apple products were also featured in the Onanoff booth. W highly recommend you check out her iOS cases as well.

DPS onanoff Amber Lu Designs

It was, as always, very busy at CES. It was nice to get down to our friend’s booth and see the great offerings from Onanoff. They offer everything from Speakers, Docking Stations, Leather Skins, to Earbuds and kid-safe BuddyPhones. We are all about kid safe listening. Last year we had The American Speech Language Hearing Association take part in the CES festivities as part of the ASHA Listen to Your Buds campaign. Take a look at onanoff and experience the innovation.


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