Bongiovi DPS
on December 19, 2011


So, A while ago I wrote a blog about my experience moving out of state and how the digital realm influenced my move. I am somewhat settled now. Naturally, My TV setup was absolutely essential in getting back to life again! Above you will see how streamlined my setup has become. TV, Blu-Ray Player, Computer with Wireless Keyboard/Mouse and the iHome iP1. The iP1 is an older studio series docking station from iHome. It is already pre-loaded with DPS. However, I find it to be all I need for sound. They are easy to find cheap online now. I highly recommend it. If you have a newer iPod or iPhone device you can dock it right on it. I have an Samsung Galaxy S phone that I just plug in the 1/8 inch output in the back when I want to listen to stuff on my phone. So there are a lot of options here. If you are an iPhone user you can get the Bongiovi DPS iOS App for Free and process the signal twice! I also like to plug in my laptop to the TV. Now that I have all the sound coming out of the iP1 I like to use the (PC Version) DPS Plug-In to process the iP1 twice. This is also available to try for FREE! I use my setup this way for many reasons. Sound quality and space being the big ones. So try these great options to make an affordable home theater situation that saves on space as well! Any one of these options could be a great Holiday Gift option as well! I will be posting some video and/or pics on how I have connected things soon. Happy Holidays!

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